Samsung Galaxy Buds 6 Types Product Features Release Date Price

Galaxy Buds2 Pro

Samsung Galaxy Buds range from early Galaxy Buds to Galaxy Buds 2 Pro
A total of 6 products were launched.
Today, we will look at the characteristics, release date, price, and pros and cons of all types of Galaxy Buzz series.

I have already written a Korean version of the Galaxy Buds series.
You can read the article, translate it, and refer to it.

However, the English version can be compared with other more up-to-date products.
It will contain more information than previous articles.

Types of Samsung Galaxy Buds List

  1. Galaxy Buds
  2. Galaxy Buds Plus
  3. Galaxy Buds Live
  4. Galaxy Buds Pro
  5. Galaxy Buds 2
  6. Galaxy Buds 2 Pro


Features of each Samsung Galaxy Buds

1. Galaxy Buds

galaxy buds

The first product released by Samsung under the name Buzz was introduced to the world in February 2019.
At this point, performance and functions are not far behind, but
As a leader in Bluetooth earphones at the time, it is worthy of being Samsung’s first wireless earphone.

At that time, there were not many wireless charging products, but even the first product was equipped with a wireless charging function.
Wireless charging is common now, but it was an amazing feature back then.

The case is round and elongated, but the earphone unit has an angular design.
There are 3 colors to choose from, black, yellow and white.
The sound quality is worth it as a lightweight earphone that can be used wirelessly,
It’s an early product, so don’t expect much.

Model name SM-R170
Release date February 2019
Launch price 160,000 won
Waterproof grade IPX2
Battery unit 6 hours
Case charging 13 hours
galaxy buds purchase info


2. Galaxy Buds Plus

Galaxy Buds Type buds plus

This is the second Buds Plus released among the Samsung Galaxy Buds.
As much as the name plus is attached, it is an upgraded product of the first product.
It is difficult to find differences in design from the previous work.
It is safe to say that they are almost identical.

However, sound quality has been improved by using 2WAY speakers.
The treble has also improved, and the overall sound quality has improved, making listening much better even though it is a wireless earphone.

The battery has also been improved.
In the previous Galaxy Buds, I couldn’t use it for that long even though I charged it through the case.
In this plus, the unit itself can be used for 11 hours.
It can be charged once through the case.

Model name SM-R175
Release date February 2020
Launch price 170,000 won
Waterproof grade IPX2
Battery unit 11hours
Case charging 22hours
purchase info


3. Galaxy Buds Type Galaxy Buds Live

Galaxy Buds Live

Galaxy Buds Live is the only open earphone among Galaxy Buds
The design is also unique.
I was at a loss for how to wear it in the form of Gangnam beans.
It’s a Buds Live with a completely glossy surface.

If you wear it well on your ears, you can enjoy excellent music with an emphasis on the base.
The output is also strong, so you can adjust the fine sound through the app.

Making open earphones was also challenging with Galaxy Buds.
I even installed ANC here.
Although it succeeded in attracting attention, it was not efficient to have ANC, a peripheral sound reduction feature, installed in Buds Live.

The reason is that the ANC was not effective enough.
It was all the more so because it is an open earphone and the external sound flows in better.
The sale price is about 200,000 won, and due to the characteristics of the Galaxy Burds, the case is small enough to carry around.
The small case is a feature of the entire Galaxy Buds lineup.

Model name SM-R180
Release date August 2020
Launch price 200,000 won
Waterproof grade X
Battery unit 6 hours
Case charging 21hours
purchase info


4. Galaxy Buds Pro

Galaxy Buds Pro

Samsung has launched Buds Pro to develop more advanced wireless earphones.
We’ve upgraded our capabilities ambitiously.

This time, we introduced the ANC functionality that failed in the previous Buds Live to the kernel type BudsPro.
You can expect an improved ANC this time.
It also boasts a professional look with IPX7-grade waterproof performance.

The 2-way driver improved the sound separation between low and high notes.
Therefore, it gives you a balanced sound and gives you a balanced sound quality.
Among Galaxy Birds, Buds Pro has the best sound.

There are disadvantages, too.
Galaxy Buds Pro has been evaluated as having a sensitive touch and difficulty controlling it with a touch.
Also, there is a topic of conversation about the fit.
The uncomfortable part was the biggest drawback of this product.
In the follow-up movie, such parts will be improved and released.

Model name SM-R190
Release date January 2021
Launch price 240,000 won
Waterproof grade IPX7
Battery unit 8 hours
Case charging 24 hours
purchase info


5. Galaxy Buds 2

Galaxy Buds 2

The Galaxy Buds 2 was released in 2021 at Buds Pro with an improved fit.
The subtle light in pastel colors is attractive.
The size is smaller, the weight is lighter, and the fit is better.

The function is lower or lower than that of Buds Pro.
It’s not a follow-up to a professional movie, but a follow-up to the Galaxy Buds, so I’m suddenly dividing it up.
The waterproof grade is IPX2, and the sound is slightly lower than that of professionals.

ANC is also applied in Buds2 to reduce ambient noise.
Think of the essential sound between Buds Plus and Buds Pro.
Two 6mm drivers make a clear sound, and you can feel that the resolution is higher than the plus.

I feel that the low notes are not as good as Buds Pro.
Of course, the sale price is lower than that of Buds Pro so I can understand it.

Model name SM-R177
Release date August 2021
Launch price 159,000 won
Waterproof grade IPX2
Battery unit 6 hours
Case charging 20 hours
purchase info


6. Galaxy Buds 2 Pro

Galaxy Buds2 Pro

The Galaxy Buds 2 Pro is a professional version of the Galaxy Buds 2 released in August 2022.
The unit and case are made of matte material, so it looks more luxurious.

Because the Galaxy Buds unify the case, you don’t have to buy a separate case cover.
If you have a cover that you used before, you can turn it around.
The case is small, so it fits in your pocket, so it’s good to carry around.

The Buds 2 Pro has improved the discomfort of the Galaxy Buds Pro, reducing inconvenience even when worn for a long time.
Still, Buds 2 gives you a more comfortable fit.

The sound is good, but the SSC codec, Samsung’s wireless codec, has been improved, allowing you to listen to music at 24 bits.
If you’re using a Samsung phone, you’ll automatically get caught with the SSC codec.
The use of two dynamic drivers is the same, and ANC performance has been improved.
The microphone has also been changed to a highly sensitive SNR microphone, which has improved the sound quality of the phone.

It improves the sense of space and expresses the high notes more clearly and neatly.
The sound is noticeably better than Buds 2.
If people who have sensitive ears listen to the sound, it will be easy to find the parts that have changed little by little
It’s hard for a normal person like me to feel such a stark difference.

Wireless charging supports Qi wireless charging just like previous models.
The Galaxy Buds 2 Pro is the flagship of Samsung’s wireless earphones and boasts the best performance as it is the latest product.

Model name SM-R510N
Release date August 2022
Launch price 280,000 won
Waterproof grade IPX7
Battery unit 8 hours
Case charging 29 hours
purchase info


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